Current Openings

Now recruiting graduate students to begin Fall 2018! Application instructions and program information available here. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to contact barden [at] prior to applying.

 The lab is expanding, with opportunities in the following positions:

  • Graduate Student (PhD/MS)
  • Undergraduate Intern/Researcher
  • Postdoctoral Researcher 

In general, we work to answer questions related to the following topics: (1) the evolution of social insects (2) the methodological limits of extracting data from fossilized organisms including through X-ray imaging (3) morphological evolution, functional morphology, and the reconstruction of ancient behaviors (4) phylogenetics and the utility of fossils in systematic biology (5) applying comparative genomic approaches to better understand convergent trends in evolution. Although these are our core areas of research, motivated students who are interested in answering different but complimentary questions are encouraged to apply.

If you would like to know more about joining the lab, please email barden [at] with your research interests and previous experience. If you're a student with no previous research experience, that's OK! Students and postdocs who are interested in social insects, paleoentomology, X-ray imaging, systematics, or comparative genomics are especially encouraged to apply. Students may apply with a particular project in mind or work to develop an independent project alongside the PI.